Arizona Traffic Violations

Arizona traffic violations can be divided into two groups: criminal violations and civil violations. The repercussions of each are very different and it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to defend your rights and negotiate the best possible solution.

Criminal Traffic Violations

Criminal traffic violations in Arizona are misdemeanors. They are treated just like any other criminal case and if you stand convicted, you must report that you have a criminal record each time a potential employer inquires. For example, if you are found guilty of criminal speeding in Arizona, you will have a class 3 misdemeanor conviction on your record, you could face up to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, and a significant surcharge. If you fail to appear for a criminal traffic ticket, you may face an arrest warrant and license suspension. Weeks Law can help address these serious consequences and attempt to reinstate your license. We can then address your criminal traffic violation and help facilitate a speedy and beneficial resolution.

It is important to understand that Defensive Driving School is not an option if you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Noncommercial drivers are eligible for traffic school under certain circumstances, and only once every 12 months. Most common traffic violations are eligible. However, serious violations such as reckless driving, DUI, or other similar offenses are not eligible. In most criminal cases, you cannot just pay the fine and be done. You will go to court and be arraigned, you will have to attend several pre-trial conferences, and you may have to go to trial. This can be very frustrating and time consuming. An experienced attorney can get your charges reduced, get your charge reduced to a civil violation, or may even get your case dismissed. If your charges are reduced to a civil violation, defensive driving school may be an option. Many times, an attorney can appear on your behalf, saving you time and energy.

Weeks Law is dedicated to providing you with the information required to make an informed decision. We will aggressively defend your rights and obtain the best possible result. As former prosecutors, Weeks Law knows how a prosecutor will handle your criminal charges. We know the best tactics when negotiating a better deal with the prosecutor. Our insight and experience is unparalleled when it comes to criminal defense.

We represent clients charged with:

 Criminal speed
 Exceeding the maximum interstate speed
 Racing on highways
 Reckless driving
 Aggressive driving
 Driving on a suspended license
 Extreme DUI
 Super Extreme DUI
 Drugs DUI
 Juvenile DUI
 Leaving the scene of an accident
 Commercial trucking violations
and many more

Civil Traffic Violations

Civil traffic violations can be costly. Weeks Law can advise you about the best way to proceed if you have been charged with a civil traffic violation. We will explain all options and potential consequences. Sometimes, the consequences can be long-lasting and more severe than a simple fine.

If you have been charged with a civil traffic violation you may be eligible for Defensive Driving School (DDS). You are given the chance to take DDS once every 12 months. The advantage to DDS is that it keeps points off your driving record. However, DDS has strict time requirements, so it is important to contact an experienced attorney to have all your questions answered.

Weeks Law criminal defense attorneys are your advocates. As former prosecutors, Weeks Law is in the best position to evaluate your case and defend your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We defend all civil traffic violations including:

● Red light radar
● Red light violations
● Photo radar
● Civil speeding
● Accident (failure to control speed to avoid collision)
● Failure to obey traffic control device
● Insurance violations
● Registration violations
● Stop sign violations
● Failure to yield
● Following too closely
● Unsafe lane change
● Wide turn
● Failure to signal
● HOV violation
● Equipment violations
● and many more

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